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May 2020

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Desk of an Architect

My office is a disaster! Okay. Maybe that’s a little dramatic. Or a lot. However, I was looking around the other day and wondering how I managed to cover every flat surface available in the last five months. Even after having moved in and then rearranging the space a couple…
Clint Thomson
May 29, 2020

For the Dogs (and Cats)

I think our dog Boo is confused. While moving my office home was an adjustment for me, lately we’ve been noticing that she’s having her own adjustment. Or at least it seems that way. Because James has worked from home for so long, she’s accustomed to sleeping away the day…
Clint Thomson
May 19, 2020

I Said No

My publicist bought his first house last year. And in short order was on the phone with me asking if I could help him change the unflattering lighting in his Master Bath to the softest lighting known to mankind. A girl has to look good, right? Even if it is…
Clint Thomson
May 11, 2020

Closed Concept

Welcome to the 1000th week of SIP! Not really. But I did find myself losing track of the days last week. What would make me think Monday was Tuesday? Although with the change in routines and living arrangements, I don’t think that’s too hard for any of us to do.…
Clint Thomson
May 4, 2020

Not Just A Movie

James and I have succumbed to binge watching. Call it a side-effect of being indoors so much. I was always amazed when people said they were doing that. How did you have the time? I just could not imagine. Yet here we are. Sitting on the sofa. Not only binge…
Clint Thomson
May 1, 2020
Spotted Dog Architecture