Color – or Lack Thereof

By September 25, 2020 architecture, Life

Every fall, Sherwin Williams announces their color of the year for the coming year. And in a year that’s seen a global pandemic, protests and rioting, and the death of a beloved Supreme Court justice, I almost fell out of my chair when I saw their selection.

Urbane Bronze.

Or in other words, dark grayish brown.

Urbane Bronze | Sherwin Williams

When I saw the announcement, my first thought was how appropriate this is for 2020. And then I realized the selection was for 2021. Really? This is the color for next year? Does Sherwin Williams know something we don’t about 2021?

I pulled out their color sample kit in my office (and yes, it’s just like it sounds) and pulled the swatch for Urbane Bronze. That really didn’t help. Why in the world would this be the color?

Turns out that Sherwin Williams made their choice in February, before everything hit the fan. Plenty of time to reconsider. However, according to an article in AD PRO, the selection remained as the team felt the color was very connected to the earth and could be calming in turbulent times.

Again – do they know something about next year they aren’t telling us?

I had no trouble getting behind the color for 2020. It’s a navy blue, and you know I’m just a big old ho for nearly anything blue. Plus for me, that’s a very calming color.

So why not opt for something brighter for next year? I have the kit. I know there are plenty of options to choose from. I could even show them the bright blue in my laundry room that really lights up the space.

Not to knock Urbane Bronze completely. Probably This bloggers Beau & Matt utilized the color for a dressing room in their new house, and the end result is beautiful. Probably more because of the combination of the color with the textures, elements, and natural lighting in the space. And I know other architects who have used and loved this color.

So even though I have a hard time imagining myself living or working surrounded by this color, maybe Sherwin Williams really is on to something.

However, if they announce next fall the color for 2022 is black, I may have to relocate.

Cover Image: Vintage Revivals 

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  • Weston Pugh says:

    I’m trying to talk Jason into painting the exterior of our home this color. I’ve had clients paint their home and investment properties this color and it really is a rich, deep and calming color.

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