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Squirrel on a Hot Tin Roof

I am a fan of standing seam metal roofs. And for no other reason than aesthetics. When we renovated our house, that was one item I was more than willing to splurge on. Considering the decade in which the house was built and the exterior finish materials and colors, metal…
Waylon Tate
August 7, 2020

Rain Rain, Go Away

I was looking out my window this morning thinking how nice the rain was. July suddenly didn’t feel like July. And some extra water for the plants and trees in July is always good. Unless you’re building something. Like the Farmhouse project. Crap! On a scale of 1 to 10,…
Waylon Tate
July 31, 2020

Christmas Time Again?

Merry Christmas in July!! Wait. You’re not celebrating? Thank God! I’m not either. While I am all for Christmas decorations, once a year is enough. And even then, the thought of putting up the Christmas tree in our post-Thanksgiving haze is daunting. I cannot imagine doing that in the middle…
Waylon Tate
July 24, 2020

Off and Running!

How long will design take? That’s one of the questions I hear most during a prospective client interview. And I usually tell them within reason, we can move as fast as they can make decisions. Which is why mine and James’ renovation took two years before construction started. However, once…
Waylon Tate
July 17, 2020


Today is Bastille Day, the French holiday celebrating the storming of the Bastille. Or for you Francophiles, la Fête nationale. However, as I am neither French nor revolutionary, today would have simply gone by with little muss or fuss. Except lately I find myself missing the one place in the…
Waylon Tate
July 14, 2020

Are We Proud Yet?

We are at the end of Pride for 2020. In all fairness we are proud year-round, but it is now the end of Pride month. To say this year was more unusual than most is an understatement. Especially coming off the fanfare surrounding last year’s 50th anniversary of the Stonewall…
Waylon Tate
July 3, 2020

Dog Days Every Day

Happy National Take Your Dog to Work Day! So who’s taking their dog to the office? Oh yeah. These days that’s pretty much most of us who have a dog. While having to adjust to the sudden shift to working from home has been pretty sucky, at least we’ve had…
Waylon Tate
June 26, 2020


I had to put on pants on Monday. Not that I spend my days at home running around pantless. I do have some standards – and a lot of shorts. However, I was meeting with a client, and we were visiting a showroom. Neither one would have really cared about…
Waylon Tate
June 19, 2020

Royal Flush

During a recent stroll around the neighborhood, James and I passed a house with not one, but two broken toilets sitting on the curb. Desperately waiting for bulky trash pickup. My first thought: “Wow! They broke both toilets?” Quickly followed by: “I guess we know who bought all the toilet…
Waylon Tate
June 12, 2020

Build Back Better

Today is World Environment Day. For the last few days, I’ve been trying to figure out why that should matter. Between a global pandemic, mass protests in the US, and another tropical storm headed towards Louisiana, World Environment Day felt somewhat trivial. Shouldn’t I be more focused on the immediate?…
Waylon Tate
June 5, 2020