Brace for Impact

I spent last Friday talking with queer (and not) architecture students as part of a conference series sponsored by the American Institute of Architecture Students. I shared some of my experiences about being out and open in architecture, something I’ve made no bones about since my first job. Why else…
Clint Thomson
November 13, 2020

Tea Time Stroll

James and I are, by definition, creatures of habit. There’s a reason you’ve seen so many posts involving New Orleans. We find a place we love, and we visit again and again. Familiar haunts. Familiar smells. Familiar people. Which means when we’re in Key West every year (habit!), there are…
Clint Thomson
November 6, 2020
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Space Case

During a call this week, another architect was telling us how the company his son’s friend works for announced they would no longer have a physical office. Staff members that had been living in and around New York City would be free to work from anywhere. For this particular fellow,…
Clint Thomson
October 30, 2020

Did You Hear That?

Lately I’ve found myself sitting at my desk creeping out about how little noise there is in the house. And this morning was one of those moments when I’ve realized it was quiet. Too, too quiet. Which always reminds me of my great-grandmother’s house and just adds to the creep…
Clint Thomson
October 23, 2020
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Binge Crazy

I think I’m done with Netflix. And Amazon, and Hulu, and anything with the word streaming. At least for a while. How do I know? I caught myself cruising the architecture section of the LEGO website. When the pandemic hit, we decided we’d sign up for Netflix. Partly to combat…
Clint Thomson
October 16, 2020

My Story

Happy National Coming Out Day! To celebrate, I wanted to post what I hope is the first of many queer stories in architecture. I wanted to talk about my story. Except I’m not sure I have a story. Whenever I participate in a panel discussion around equity and diversity, I…
Clint Thomson
October 11, 2020

The Queer Stories Project

Sunday is National Coming Out Day, and while I have been out in the profession since the start of my career, my face still isn’t the one you expect to see when you attend a panel discussion on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Most attendees are probably wondering what’s with the…
Clint Thomson
October 9, 2020
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October is here! And that means the Gay High Holy Day of Halloween is just around the corner. Although considering decorations started going up around here last month, Halloween may already be in full swing. We discovered not long after moving to our neighborhood that trick-or-treating wasn’t an event. Most…
Clint Thomson
October 2, 2020

Color – or Lack Thereof

Every fall, Sherwin Williams announces their color of the year for the coming year. And in a year that’s seen a global pandemic, protests and rioting, and the death of a beloved Supreme Court justice, I almost fell out of my chair when I saw their selection. Urbane Bronze. Or…
Clint Thomson
September 25, 2020

What Lies Beneath

I always tell clients to be ready for a surprise any time they’re doing a renovation. You never know what the previous owners have done during their own renovations. Or the people before them. But always expect something. Entire windows left inside walls. Flooring on top of flooring on top…
Clint Thomson
September 18, 2020