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August 2020


Cheap, Cheap

One of the best parts about my job is the privilege of seeing other people’s homes. And seeing some spectacular homes at that. From the time I started architecture school (and even before then), I knew I wouldn’t be designing high rises or hospitals. Work for me was always going…
Clint Thomson
August 28, 2020

And I’m Spent!

One thing about work that hasn’t changed during the pandemic – finishing up the day and thinking about just melting into the sofa. Or into a martini. And today was one of those days. In the past that feeling usually came with a deadline. You’re pushing yourself and others to…
Clint Thomson
August 21, 2020
Food for thoughtLife

Staycation – All I Ever Wanted?

If nothing else, I hope this pandemic has been a learning experience for all of us. Learning how we handle stress. Or how to cook (or realizing that we already knew). Or how early is too early to start having wine. And this month has been no different for me,…
Clint Thomson
August 17, 2020
architectureFood for thought

Squirrel on a Hot Tin Roof

I am a fan of standing seam metal roofs. And for no other reason than aesthetics. When we renovated our house, that was one item I was more than willing to splurge on. Considering the decade in which the house was built and the exterior finish materials and colors, metal…
Clint Thomson
August 7, 2020
Spotted Dog Architecture