And I’m Spent!

By August 21, 2020 business, Life

One thing about work that hasn’t changed during the pandemic – finishing up the day and thinking about just melting into the sofa. Or into a martini.

And today was one of those days.

In the past that feeling usually came with a deadline. You’re pushing yourself and others to get documents done either for a client meeting or to go to the printer so the contractor can start. You’ve been up late and up early. Plus, there’s this tension in the office that makes you sound like Ouiser Boudreaux anytime someone asks a question. And the moment you’re done, the brain shuts off and you feel lucky to make it to your car and then home.

Today was not a deadline day. Instead I participated as a panelist in HKS’ session on their new JEDI initiatives. And no, not as in Obi-Wan. JEDI stands for Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. (Smartass!) In 2019, HKS signed onto the United Nations Global Compact, one aspect of which is a commitment to be a design firm that leads in Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. And I was fortunate to be asked to offer my perspective as a queer architect.

Nothing new for me. I’ve been sharing my thoughts about queer identity in architecture for the last few years, and I make no reservations about expressing that through this blog, presentations, and interviews. I was prepared.

Yet after two hours, I was spent. Just listening to what HKS has been doing and is planning on doing would have been enough. Being able to hear other panelists talk about their experiences in the profession and what they are doing to address JEDI issues added to the mind melt that was going to happen. By the time we all signed off, my brain was done.

So here I sit, writing this blog post. Trying to make sure the words come out right (thank you spellchecker!). And wondering why I’m not sitting on the sofa, while me brain dribbles out my ears, and I dribble into a martini glass.

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