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August 2022



Happy National Dog Day! If you’re a dog owner, take a moment to give your fur-baby an extra belly rub or two and maybe an extra treat. I know our dogs have always loved both! They won’t know why you’re doing it, but if they are anything like ours past…
August 26, 2022

Great Practice

It rained. Feels weird to type that. Like getting rain is such a big deal. But after weeks of 100+ temps and nary a drop from the sky, hearing thunder and the patter of rain Wednesday night was somewhat glorious. Plus there is nothing quite as soothing as rain on…
August 19, 2022

Vegas, Baby?

How do you mark a milestone birthday? Other than getting your first piece of mail from AARP? For James’s 50th, we toyed around with a few possibilities. New York? Maybe San Francisco? Then we discovered that one of our favorite comedians was performing in Vegas the Friday after James’s birthday.…
August 12, 2022
Spotted Dog Architecture