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July 2022


Motel Hell

James and I are hotel snobs. When we travel, we definitely look for comfort and don’t mind spending a few extra dollars to achieve that end. Personally, I blame James’s company, who put him up off and on for six months at The Ritz Carlton in downtown Philly. Not to…
July 29, 2022

Just Too Hot

Something has gone terribly wrong when you wake, hear the day’s forecast, and think: “That’s nice. Only 100. And cloudy too. What a nice change!” Terribly. Terribly. Wrong. Anyone paying any attention knows just how high the temperatures in Dallas have been. And I’ve heard the comment more than once…
July 22, 2022

Bad Politics

A client informed me recently that their project was being shelved, they were putting their house on the market, and they were moving back to Colorado. While I’m disappointed to lose any project, I am delighted to have another connection in Denver to visit (No offense, Bill), especially as James…
July 15, 2022
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From the Ground Up

Which floor did you want? At least a few times a week, someone gets on the elevator in my building and finds themselves exiting at the wrong floor. Most usually catch themselves before stepping out, but I’ve seen a few step off with the most puzzled look on their face. …
July 8, 2022

Hairy Situation

James and I have been without a spotted dog – or any dog – for three months now. Hard to believe that much time has passed since we said goodbye to Boo. The house has certainly been quieter, and we haven’t had to help anyone up and down off the…
July 1, 2022
Spotted Dog Architecture