Closed Concept

Welcome to the 1000th week of SIP! Not really. But I did find myself losing track of the days last week. What would make me think Monday was Tuesday? Although with the change in routines and living arrangements, I don’t think that’s too hard for any of us to do.…
Waylon Tate
May 4, 2020

Zoom Zoom

That was weird. I had my first new client meeting via Zoom this week. Or potential client meeting. First meeting. Whatever. But it was weird. I have been architecting long enough to have plenty of first meeting experiences. Some where you know right off the bat it’s a mistake. And…
Waylon Tate
April 27, 2020

The Things You See Inside

By now, most of us are in week two or three of our shelter-in-place experience. Working from home for the first time. Having to home school kids. Wondering if day-drinking is considered a hobby. And while the weather here has been relatively crappy, there have been a few days nice…
Waylon Tate
April 3, 2020