Off and Running!

By July 17, 2020 architecture, business

How long will design take?

That’s one of the questions I hear most during a prospective client interview. And I usually tell them within reason, we can move as fast as they can make decisions. Which is why mine and James’ renovation took two years before construction started.

However, once in a while you work with a client who is less concerned about time and more concerned about ensuring that the final design is truly what they want.

Which is why construction started in mid-June on a project over three years in the making.

In February 2017, a contractor I had known for close to ten years reached out to me about a new project. And not just any project.

His family needed a new house.

By then, he had moved on from being a general contractor to owning a plumbing and electrical company. And I had moved on to working for myself. However, in the time we had worked together and gotten to know each other, we had developed what I like to think of as a unique working relationship.

A few years prior, while working on a kitchen remodel for a fussy client, we reached a point where we stopped addressing e-mails, calls, and texts with our first names. Usually when one of us had an issue from or with the client. Sort of a nice way to soften the blow.

Instead, on any given day, we might call one another pumpkin spice. Or sweet cheeks. Or sugar plum. Suffice to say, the first e-mail that included his wife – whom I had never met – raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t you have a pet name for your favorite gay architect?” Turns out she didn’t. Although in the three plus years working together, that would change.

Almost as much as the plans have.

Join us over the next six months or so as construction progresses. We’ll be checking in from time to time with updates and photos. And you’ll get to hear from the clients as well about their experience with the design process and working with an architect.

But don’t be confused if you hear them talking about Pumpkin Spice. That’s me. Although for the most part, she still just calls me Larry.

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