Rain Rain, Go Away

By July 31, 2020 architecture, Life

I was looking out my window this morning thinking how nice the rain was. July suddenly didn’t feel like July. And some extra water for the plants and trees in July is always good.

Unless you’re building something. Like the Farmhouse project.


On a scale of 1 to 10, rain events probably fall somewhere around 12 as the biggest delay to projects. Slow production times for windows or temporary shortages of a particular material can usually be accounted for within the construction schedule.

However, rain always seems to strike at the worst possible moment. And while the framers have been going to town and making great progress over the last few weeks, I know the Farmhouse isn’t dried in yet. The question will be just how much isn’t. Windows were just ordered, so at a minimum, we have openings all over the house for the rain to work its way into.

But it could be worse.

Like the project where showers started just as the contractor was preparing to pour the foundation. And didn’t stop for all of June. All. Of. June. Not a happy client, who was having a hard time grasping why the concrete contractor couldn’t just go ahead and pour. It’s only water.

Or the project where a quick afternoon storm hit before tarps could be secured on a renovation project. Not only did the client’s condo get an interior downpour, the water managed to find its way over to the neighbors. Not the conversation anyone wanted to have.

Or the freshly poured pier-and-beam foundation that turned into a swimming pool and required pumps to clear the water. For the owner, whose previous house had issues with water pooling underneath it, that wasn’t the picture he was looking for.

Of course, the rain eventually stops, and the world dries out. Lucky for me I’m working with clients with a larger understanding of construction than the typical client. They know before too long the sound of saws and nail guns will fill the air. And the Farmhouse will keep going up.

However, for now, I’ll sit here, enjoy the rain, and try not to worry about just how long it’s going to go on. And hopefully not have it lull me to sleep.

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