Ray of Light

By December 4, 2020 Life

I may have to rearrange my office.


And it’s my own fault.

When I first set up shop in January, I tucked my desk into a corner. While I wanted to be looking out the window, I knew the winter sun would be a problem. Yet somewhere along the way I forgot that, and in a flurry of reorganization a few months later, moved my desk directly in front of the only window in the room.

I’ve really quite enjoyed being there, especially given the pandemic. I have a large window onto the world as I work every day. Watching the trees and flowers bloom, and the occasional hummingbird. Getting to see all the new people out for their daily walks. And lately watching the leaves turn.


Yet we’re heading into winter again, and every morning I’m reminded why my desk wasn’t there in the first place and wonder how I could have forgotten. Instead of opening the curtains wide each morning, I can only pull back one side a little bit. With the change in season, I get full on sun coming right through the leafless trees and smack into my face.

Fortunately I don’t have to wait too long before I can fully open the drapes. Usually just a few hours need to pass. But until then – oof!

The other issue I didn’t really consider with the last reorganization is just how cold my feet are going to get. The window in question sits about 6 inches off the floor. Right about the height where I rest my feet on my desk frame. How many pairs of socks I can wear before I have trouble walking?

As an architect, I’m not sure why none of this crossed my mind as I was busy moving furniture around the last time. Maybe I was feeling cramped? Maybe I wanted something else to look at besides the wall? Or maybe I just wasn’t thinking at all. That does happen from time to time.

What I do know is there are a finite number of options for furniture placement in this space. And I think my current layout is really the best option.

Unless of course I want to rearrange things again in the spring.

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