Tea Time Stroll

By November 6, 2020 Life, Travel

James and I are, by definition, creatures of habit. There’s a reason you’ve seen so many posts involving New Orleans. We find a place we love, and we visit again and again. Familiar haunts. Familiar smells. Familiar people.

Which means when we’re in Key West every year (habit!), there are shops that we always visit. Some chains (It’s Sugar and Kilwin’s) and some not. One of the not places is Graffitti. We are in at least a couple of times over the week to check out what’s fun and new. And a few years back, we discovered the Pan Am Sky Cart.

(This is the point where if you are too young to know what Pan Am is, you can click here. We’ll wait.)

The cart is a replica, and in truth, a drinks cart. It’s fun and a bit kitschy, and we never imagined what we would do with one.

Until now.

Again – creatures of habit – we’ve resumed walking in the afternoons. With the weather change and time change, that’s been a bit more challenging. However, this week we hit the street (in a nice way) around 4:30 and noticed something new. Not holiday decorations (Halloween is still coming down) or new construction.

What we kept seeing were parents with strollers. Lots of parents with strollers.

Normally we’re not out until after 5 or 5:30 and often later, so maybe it was the time of day. Maybe the cooler weather. After the year of pandemic neighborhood walking, we couldn’t believe we’d never seen this. Maybe this happens every afternoon, and we’ve just never been out to see it.

Plus we don’t have kids. And we’re not the kind of people to put a dog in a stroller. (Can you imagine 60 lbs. of Basset Hound in a stroller?) But I couldn’t help starting to feel like I should be pushing something.

And then it hit me.

We need the Pan Am Sky Cart. I’ve joked with James before about going for a walk only if I can have some wine in a sippy cup. Or perhaps a martini. And suddenly here’s the perfect opportunity for that.

Even more, we could provide a service for the parents. After a long day of work, I’m sure pushing a stroller up and down the hills in the neighborhood makes for some thirsty work. What parent wouldn’t appreciate a sip of something refreshing to brighten their walk? The question now will be whether or not I wear the Pan Am uniform.

Maybe just the hat.

Happy strolling!

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