The Most Wonderful Time

By December 15, 2020 architecture, Life

Somehow January has now become December. Which means lots of shopping; trying to fill out and send Christmas cards to family, friends, and clients; and for James and me, baking lots and lots of cookies. However, for architects, this time of year holds special meaning. It’s when we realize the most important thing about the holidays:

We’ve forgotten to finish our continuing education courses.


Every year, between the state and the American Institute of Architects, Texas architects are required to complete 18 hours of continuing ed. And every year, I reach December with courses still to complete. Nothing too bad. Usually just the odd hour or two. Except this year, here I find myself rapidly approaching the end of the month painfully aware that I have 16 hours to go.


Most years I accumulate hours by attending conferences, but we know what happened with those in 2020. So here I sit, staring at the pink sticky note on my monitor screaming at me “CEUS!!!” and I haven’t gotten any farther than those first two hours. Bear in mind, that sticky has been there since mid-November taunting me, so there’s no one else to blame but me.

And things could be worse. There was the year we arrived in Key West, and I realized I still had three or four courses to complete before the 31st. That was a slap in the face when you check in on the 27th. You try walking around in the Florida heat all morning, then eating lunch, then trying to stay awake in a chilly hotel room watching a webinar on wheelchair accessibility. I’m not sure how many times I had to back up the video to where I nodded off.

You would think we would learn, yet year after year, architects are running around scrambling to finish. So much so that the local AIA chapter hosts at least two procrastinator’s workshops each year. And yes, I’ve attended one of those. Not an empty seat in the house.

Nice to know I’m not alone. And nice to know my husband is happy to remind me, as he did on our walk this afternoon. “What should I write for the blog?” I ask. And ever the helpful wag:

“How about how you haven’t finished your CEUS?”

Thanks honey. Guess I better get started.

Or maybe I’ll just do them this weekend.

Happy Holidays!


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