Binge Crazy

By October 16, 2020 Food for thought, Life

I think I’m done with Netflix. And Amazon, and Hulu, and anything with the word streaming. At least for a while. How do I know?

I caught myself cruising the architecture section of the LEGO website.

When the pandemic hit, we decided we’d sign up for Netflix. Partly to combat the stir-crazies, but mainly because we wanted to see Schitt’s Creek. This also required us to buy a new television. But I digress.

Then we realized we already had Amazon (yay Prime!) and Hulu. Suddenly we had so much to watch. Or maybe just too much to watch. Which shows? How often? Was it really okay to sit around on Saturday and Sunday and just binge? (Turns out the answer to that is yes. See above comment about Schitt’s Creek.)

But we also found ourselves settling into a routine: Dinner. Walk. Watch. Usually only one episode and often never the same show in one night. And we’ve found some really funny things to watch (“Bonding” anyone?) and some pretty intense. However – routine.

So, in the middle of the workday last week, there I was, checking out the latest LEGO sets. Not that I didn’t have enough in the house already, but they’re already put together. Where’s the fun in the that?

Suddenly a new LEGO set found its way into my cart at Amazon, then my PO box, and now sitting on my second desk with the first of five sections completed. Because why would you let it just sit in the box? LEGO sets are meant to be put together. And as soon as humanly possible.

Which means I may have just traded binge-watching for binge-assembling. Crap!

Maybe there’s something new on Netflix I need to watch.

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